Oysters & Nibbles 

Small Plates 

Mediterranean Olives (V, DF, GF) £4

Basket of bread (V, DF) £5

Oysters (DF,GF)  £3.95 each for £18 for 6

Oyster Gratin £16

four oven baked oysters topped with parmesan breadcrumbs

Bruschetta Al Pomodoro (V, VG) £6

Marinated tomatoes, basil garlic on bread

Bruschetta Polpo £12

grilled octopus, tomatoes, red onion and  garlic on bread

Small Plates

 Fish Soup £11

Vegetarian Soup £8

Calamari Fritti £12

served with squid ink mayo & garlic mayo

Gamberoni Croquettes  £16

Deep fried croquettes filled with prawns, pancetta and potatoes

Impepata di Cozze (DF, GF) £11

Fresh Cornish mussels in a white wine & black pepper

King Scallops (GF, DF) £16
Pan fried king scallops with  butternut squash puree and parma ham crumble

Grilled Octopus  £16

Served with chickpea sauce, caramelised onions and basil oil

Tempura King Prawns £13

Deep fried buttered prawns served with sweet chilli sauce

Caprese Salad (V) £11

Beef tomatoes, fresh buffalo mozarella, olive oil & basil pesto

Pasta & Risotto

Spaghetti Frutti di mare (DF) £20
Mix seafood, shallots, tomato sauce, garlic & white wine

Linguine Al Gamberi £20
prawns, courgette, confit tomatoes, garlic & chilli 

Tagliatelle Cozze £20

fresh cornish mussels in a white wine creamy sauce

Tagliatelle Monkfish £22

monkfish, calamari, olives, capers in a tomato and chilli sauce

Carbonara Di Pesce £17

Spaghetti pasta, salmon, swordfish, white wine, parmesan cheese & egg yolk 

Tagliatelle Scallop  £21

Tagliattelle pasta with scallops and prawns in Marie sauce

Lobster Risotto (GF) £23
Risotto with lobster, tomato sauce, white wine and chilli

Risotto Pollo ai funghi (GF) £18

Chicken and  mushroom with truffle oil and parmesan

Risotto Portofino (GF) £21
Mix seafood, tomato sauce, garlic,saffron,  shallots, white wine & chilli

Ravioli Melanzane e Scarmorza (V) £18

Aubergine and smoked mozarella ravioli with peas & roasted peppers in a tomato sauce


Whole Grilled Fish of The Day (DF, GF) £ market price

seasoned, lemon, thyme, rosemary & garlic, served with vegetables

Swordfish Steak £25

grilled swordfish in a white wine sauce, capers, cherry tomatoes and olives served with new potatoes

Moules Marinere £21

Half kilo of fresh Cornish mussels in a creamy white wine sauce, served with chips

Cozze Marinara £21

Half kilo of fresh Cornish mussels in tomato and chilli sauce, served with bread

Branzino in a bag (GF) £26

Seabass fillets , mussels,clams,  new potatoes, cherry tomatoes, garlic & white wine

Fish & Chips catch of the day £18

Pollo Portofino £23

grilled Chicken Supreme in a tomato sauce with capers, cherry tomatoes, olives and pancetta served with potatoes

Salmon £24

pan fried salmon fillet served with mushroom, spinach and pine nuts in a white wine creamy sauce and truffle oil

Rib-eye Steak 12oz £32

served with chips

Add Sauce(£2.50):

Gorgonzola/Creamy Mushroom/Peppercorn



Veg of The Day

Tomato and Onion salad £6

Patate Al Forno
Roast Potato

Rocket & parmesan salad


Homemade Tiramisu

Homemade Panna Cotta
panna cotta with forest fruit and amaretti crumble

Chocolate & Pistachio Souffle
Served with vanilla caramel ice cream

Torta della Nona
Lemon tart served with lemon sorber

Cannolo Siciliano
served with orange zest sauce

Orange and Almond cake
drizzled with honed

Lemon sorbets 3 scoops

Gelati 3 scoops

3 Scoops of vanilla ice cream with a shot of coffee